December 2016, Update 3

It is time for our 3rd update and we are excited to announce that since the beginning of PACS “SAFER Cats on the Border Project” we have spayed or neutered 386 stray or feral cats and kittens.  Life is good!

During that time, we have rejoiced in our progress, cried when we had to make terrible (but necessary) decisions, and been thrilled to meet and work with dozens of dedicated kitty lovers as we march slowly to our goal of making Rome, PA and Nichols, NY no kill communities.

With help from Jean Smith and Paws & Claws Society, we are now also included in PACS “Circle of Compassion” program.  As a “Circle” member, we can partner with other PACS “Circle” members which allow us to network with like-minded rescue groups in other regions to increase kitty adoptions.  We are grateful to both C.A.T.S. of Ocean City, NJ and Kizzy’s Place in Vineland, NJ for their willingness to take some of the kittens we have removed from our colonies and then to place them in loving homes.  Transferring kittens to other areas where quality homes are more prevalent makes the few good homes here in our rural area available to homeless animals sitting in our local shelters and rescue groups.

Of course we must take a moment to thank those wonderful veterinarians who have worked diligently to make sure that the cats we bring to them leave healthy and with a new and better future in front of them.  Thank you Animal Care Sanctuary in E. Smithfield, PA and Candor Animal Hospital in Candor, NY.  We couldn’t do this without you!

catsontheborderWe see a bright future for the project and have some plans to have a spay day and also to work on educational programs for the two communities.  Spay and neuter stops the immediate concern: the birth of kittens that have no hope of finding homes.  However, education is the key to a lasting solution and we look forward to working with Jean to implement some proven educational programs for the children in both Rome and Nichols.

Kitten season is just around the corner and we are resting up so that we are energized and ready to continue preventing the birth of unwanted kittens, educating the general public and dreaming of expanding the program once we have succeeded in Rome, PA and Nichols, NY.

The Border Ladies; Sally, Diana, Deb


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