As we head back into spring, the March 2017 issue of Burlington Reports provides us with some more fascinating facts about animals, cat and dog humor, and information about wild rabbits (how and where they build their nests, what to do if you find a baby bunny nest, and whether or not to intervene). We see options for pet safety in emergencies (theirs or ours; it’s all about keeping them safe and cared-for), Burlington teaches us a little bit about animal communication, and Squirt answers questions about cat behavior!

In this issue:

  • Did You Know? (Fascinating Facts About Animals)
  • Pet Humor
  • It’s Bunny Time Again
  • Pet Safety in Emergencies or Travel
  • Burlington The Cat On Animal Communication
  • Squirty’s Words…From The Rainbow Bridge
  • Pet Food Recalls (Reminder to check out the Pet Food Recall Alerts widget on our Caretakers’ Corner page)

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