Below are links for further reading on topics mentioned in our February 2012 issue of Burlington Reports:

(See the larger picture of Shannon here.)

Cat Facts and Trivia (complied by Glenda Moore)

Dog Trivia – Interesting Facts About Dogs

Animal Planet Videos: Golden Retriever (or check out the other videos at

More info about Lord Tweedmouth

Kitty Trivia and Hints

Fishing cat

Quiz – Dog Myths and Facts (or see the list of Animal quizzes at

Happy Pit Bull Myths and Facts

Dog Quotations – Funny Quotes About Dogs

25 Funny Quotes About Cats

Cat Quotes

Odd Pet Laws

Yellow Pages listings for “Hartford dog obedience school”

Psychic Pets: The Mysteries of Petsensory Perception

Are Pets Psychic of Just Super-Sensitive?

Psychic Dog Phenomenon Brought Back Down to Earth

A Dog That Seems to Know When His Owner Is Coming Home: Videotaped Experiments and Observations, from the Journal of Scientific Exploration

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home (Book)

Study Traces Cat’s Ancestry to Middle East

Man’s First Friend: What Was The Original Domesticated Animal?

The Dogs of Ancient Egypt

Cats in Ancient Egypt

New Pet Checklist


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Pet Abandonment Hurts

"How Could You" is written through the eyes of the abandoned pet.

"Whatever Happened to Hope" is a true story about how the kids are affected.

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