The 2015 Animal Intake and Disposition Summary shows that, of a total of 78,861 cats and dogs impounded in New Jersey in 2015, 48,679 were either redeemed or adopted and 16,816 were euthanized – an average of 46 per day.

Those numbers have dropped each year for the last several years.

Looking back, we see the trend:

2009: 96
2010: 88
2011: 85
2012: 73
2013: 64
2014: 58
2015: 46

The chart at left (click to see larger image) breaks down the numbers to show averages and percentages to compare by year from 2009 through 2015.

More good news: We can see that 2015 saw four fewer cats and dogs impounded per day than in 2014, yet there were four more redeemed or adopted per day and twelve fewer euthanized per day! Those are all positive strides in the right direction! There is always more work to be done, however, as long as any cats or dogs are being euthanized!

Another improvement over 2014 is the likelihood of cats being redeemed or adopted in relation to dogs (in 2014, only 28.04% of cats impounded were redeemed or adopted compared to 30.57% of dogs impounded, and in 2015 the percentage for cats climbed to 31.06% of those impounded compared to dogs at 30.67%).

Yet, as great as it is to see those percentages coming closer to one another, we can see that cats were euthanized at an even higher rate than dogs in 2015 than in 2014! In 2014, based on percentage of the total impounded, cats were euthanized at 3.86 times the rate of dogs and in 2015, that jumped to 4.23! Despite the progress in numbers overall, cats were killed at over four times the rate of dogs!

You have to know where you have been and where you are now in order to know where you need to go.

Below are the 2015 New Jersey statistics by county. Please click thumbnails to see full pages:








Click below to see the 1984-2015 Stray Animal Intake and Disposition Survey (Dogs and Cats) for the state of New Jersey:







See statistics from other years.




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