Most of us will probably remember the Spring of 2020 for many years to come! It has been a time of change and adaptation, conflicting emotion, reaching out and drawing in. We are all forever changed in one way or another. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this time.

In the Spring/Summer 2020 Issue of Burlington Reports:

  • Take the quiz: Why Do They DO That? Why do cats and dogs do the strange things they do?
  • Burlington the Cat and Jersey talk about Sheltering In Place – What is it like from your pets’ perspective?
  • Squirt weighs in on whether cats and dogs can catch or transmit COVID-19, and how we can protect them
  • Try your hand at our newest word search puzzle: 60 Most Popular Pet Names
  • Pet Humor: Pets on social distancing, quarantining, working from home, and staying healthy
  • When is Flea Season?

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