During this Holiday Season, when we pause to appreciate the wonders of creation, the spirit of peace, and our love for family and friends, we at Paws and Claws Society wish to express our gratitude to everyone who shares our love for animals . . . As part of our Paws and Claws Society “Share the Love” holiday celebration, we especially enjoyed playing Santa to other organizations in our Circle of Compassion for Animals.

Paws and Claws Society was happy to share some financial gifts with the following wonderful organizations:

  • Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc.

    PACS developed and implemented a new and innovative program that brought together the owner of a local kennel and a local animal rescue organization in order to save more animals. For a year and a half, PACS paid the entire cost of the kennel project that provided 11,940 days of boarding for animals waiting for a second chance for a loving home.

    In addition, Paws and Claws also paid the entire cost of $64,000 to spay/neuter and vaccinate 972 of cats and dogs rescued by Animal Sanctuary Society.

  • Best Friends Animal Society

    Best Friends Animal Society runs the nation’s largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. Best Friends operates a low-cost spay/neuter program, runs a wildlife rehabilitation center, sponsors a network of members in rescue, provides foster care and humane education, and works with humane groups nationwide to bring about a time when there will be No More Homeless Pets.

    PACS donated $2,000.00 to Best Friends Animal Society in support of their Medical Guardian Angel Program.

  • Keepers Of The Wild

    The Keepers of The Wild Mission Statement:

    “Keepers of the Wild is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the protection of abused, neglected, abandoned and retired captive wildlife. To provide the best standard of care and help enforce the humane treatment of all animals.

    “The preservation and protection of wildlife and the environment is paramount in our goals.

    “Through education and public awareness we seek to alleviate all animals suffering and help eliminate use of wild animals as pets and their exploitation in show business.

    “Keepers of the Wild provides a permanent home and true sanctuary to all the animals it rescues.”

    Paws and Claws donated $10,000.00 toward the work of Keepers Of The Wild.

  • Kindness Ranch

    From the Kindness Ranch About Us page:

    “Kindness Ranch is the only sanctuary in the US that takes in all kinds of research animals. While new, it is the result of a decade of work, saving, and planning.

    “Laboratory animals have long held a special place in the heart of Dr. David Groobman, Founder of Kindness Ranch. Successful in business, Dr. Groobman first saved enough to provide for his family into the future. Once this was accomplished, he dedicated all the profits of his business for ten years to the ranch. He searched four years to locate the perfect 1,000 acre parcel near historic Hartville in Wyoming.

    “Groobman’s passion attracted caring board members to the cause. Together, they began planning for a sanctuary with the expectation that the residents will always receive the best in animal care and that dogs and cats would be rehabilitated in a home-like environment. Ground was broke in 2006. After building four guests yurts, a dog yurt, a cat yurt, and a managers’ yurt, construction was finished in the summer of 2007.

    “The benefits to the animals are obvious: they are well-cared for in every aspect of their lives.”

    PACS shared a gift of $20,000.00 with Kindness Ranch.

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

    PCRM is a nonprofit 501c3 organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. From their web site’s About PCRM page: “Since 1985, PCRM has been influencing advancements in medicine and science. We advocate for preventive medicine, especially good nutrition, conduct clinical research, and advocate for higher ethical standards in research. More than 125,000 health care professionals and concerned citizens are dedicated to creating a better future for animals and people.”

    Paws and Claws donated $20,000.00 to PCRM’s cause.

  • No Kill Advocacy Center

    From model legislation, to model policies, to ground-breaking studies, to support for activists, to advocacy, to conferences and seminars, to direct assistance, to legal action, the No Kill Advocacy Center is working to end the systematic killing of animals in U.S. shelters.

    PACS supports the No Kill Advocacy Center with its membership and financial sponsorship and advertising of their annual conference, totaling $15,000.00 in December of 2011.

  • Cat Camp Foundation

    The Cat Camp Foundation, Inc. is a privately owned, non-profit, NO-KILL organization whose mission is to provide for the needs of the stray and feral cat. Cat Camp Foundation receives no state or federal funding and relies on donations and the income from their pet sitting service for the funds to continue their work. ALL earnings from this service go the support of the cats in their care. They are licensed and bonded and care for all domestic pets in the Medford, Tabernacle, Shamong, etc., areas. Plants watered, mail brought in, and vet transport service also available.

    Paws and Claws donated $5,000.00 to Cat Camp Foundation to provide food for the cats in their care.

  • Hearts And Paws

    Hearts and Paws is a private, non-profit, no-kill animal sanctuary in Voorhees, New Jersey.  Hearts and Paws provides a safe haven for rescued animals awaiting loving adoptive homes.

    PACS, through its Circle of Compassion for Animals, shared a gift of $5,000.00 to Hearts and Paws for sheltering and adoption.

  • Strays R Us

    From their About Us section:

    “Strays R Us is a non-profit, all volunteer animal rescue group located in Rahway NJ. We are working to improve the lives of homeless cats.

    “Our mission is to decrease the amount of kittens born to stray, feral and abandoned cats through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts, and to place the adoptable cats we find into permanent, loving homes.

    “Since we do not have a shelter facility, our cats awaiting adoption are in foster homes. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints and very limited space and are not able to take in many of the cats and kittens we are asked to help.”

    Paws and Claws donated $2,500.00 to Strays R Us to help cover veterinary costs for stray or feral cats.

  • Freedom Center For Wildlife

    Their Mission: “Through rehabilitation, education, and research programs, Freedom Center for Wildlife, Inc. strives to increase public knowledge and appreciation towards the conservation, protection and preservation of native New Jersey habitats and animals.”

    PACS shared a gift of $2.500.00 with Freedom Center for Wildlife for their shelter and rescue efforts.

  • LaMancha Animal Rescue

    LaMancha Animal Rescue, a No-Kill shelter located in Unionville, Pennsylvania, is a privately funded 501c3 charity that was originally formed as an alternative to the slaughterhouse for ex-racehorses. Their web site states, “Many of these horses are perfectly sound, but simply too slow to continue racing. Some are injured, but can be healed to make suitable trail riding mounts, show horses, and three-day eventers. Today LaMancha rescues and finds homes for not only horses but also dogs, cats, goats and the occasional exotic animal that requires more space or specialized knowledge than most SPCAs can offer.”

    Paws and Claws donated $1,000.00 to LaManchia Animal Rescue for shelter assistance.

  • Joe Joe’s Place

    Joe Joe’s Place is an Animal Rescue Center formed in memory of Joey Lloyd, whose love for his dogs and other animals was immeasurable. Their mission statement explains, “To honor him and keep his spirit alive, we are starting small by fostering puppies who are waiting for homes. Our vision is one as big as the void that the loss of Joey’s smile left. We hope to raise enough money to actually build a rescue and sanctuary to help any domestic animal in need of medical treatment and shelter with the hope of preparing them for adoption into loving, forever homes. Those who are considered ‘unadoptable’ will be taken care of with love and compassion until they cross the Rainbow Bridge where Joey will be waiting for them.”

    PACS donated $1,000.00 to Joe Joe’s Place for shelter assistance.

  • Tabby’s Place

    “Young or old, sick or healthy”, Tabby’s Place is “a cage-free sanctuary for cats rescued from hopeless situations”.  Tabby’s place provides emergency and special medical treatment for homeless cats.

    Paws and Claws donated $20,000.00 to enable Tabby’s Place to extend the “Circle of Compassion” to critically ill or special needs cats, providing the lifesaving medical care that they need and deserve.  PACS also shared a gift of $15,000.00 for a special program to help cats in exceptional circumstances.

  • Daris

    Daris is a new group dedicated to helping stray and feral cats through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and adoption when possible.  PACS donated $2,500.00 for stray and feral cat assistance.



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