Who We Are:


The mission of Paws And Claws Society, Inc is:

  • To promote the general welfare and natural conservation, protection and preservation of all species of animals
  • To promote the development of programs and services that advance a philosophy of prevention not destruction
  • To raise funds for the benefit of all species of animals
  • To provide funding for the initiation and implementation of an animal adoption program
  • To provide financial assistance for a spay/neuter program for animals
  • To provide funding to initiate and carry out education programs in matters involving care and treatment of pets and other animals
  • To provide funding to initiate and carry out a volunteer program to disseminate general information regarding animals by means of training courses, newsletters, books, bulletins and other media activities
  • To work to prevent cruelty to all animals
  • To work in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental agencies for the humane treatment of animals
  • To devise methods to curb animal pet thefts and
  • To provide such other services related to fostering the humane treatment of all animals as are, in the opinion of the corporation, needed from time to time

Featured Pet Looking For Love:

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Rescued Pets Who Found Love:

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A Message From The President:

Every day, we give thanks for the wonderful veterinarians who give their time and talents on behalf of our homeless animals. They may not reap great financial benefits here on earth, but they are sure to receive the most wonderful rewards in heaven when they again meet all the grateful furry angels they have saved.

Our Roots Run Deep and Long

While leaders of many organizations concentrate on marketing the organization to raise money & pay themselves big salaries, PACS concentrates on developing & implementing programs to save the lives of animals. Our volunteers have been in the trenches and on the forefront for many, many years. Saving lives of animals is always Mission One at Paws and Claws Society and we do it for the love of animals. We pay no salaries. Knowing that our programs have saved thousands of animals is our only and best reward. (Click for more).