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  • 03/07/2011: Kathleen Fitzgerald's letter (see below) has gone national!  Cesar Millan's organization has written an article about her letter and her grass roots puppy mill campaign, and published it on their website as well as in their newsletter. 

    The article says, "Her work with various rescue organizations, including People for Animals and Rawhide Rescue in New Jersey, inspired Kathleen to tackle the ever-growing issue of puppy mills. Seeing the many side affects the puppy mill lifestyle had on the dogs that came into the rescue she volunteers at on a regular basis, Kathleen knew that some awareness had to be raised," and goes on to point out that "To date, the letter has been sent to more than 4,600 recipients and more mailings are planned for the future. 'Many people and groups have been on-board with it,' said Kathleen. 'And a nice byproduct is that it’s opening up some communications between myself and various groups, and hopefully will help to connect us all.'"

    Cesar Millan's organization has written an article about Kathleen Fitzgerald's letter and grass roots puppy mill campaign, and published it on their website as well as in their newsletter.

    01/01/2011: We received a letter from Kathleen Fitzgerald, which, in her words, deals "with the issues of the number of homeless animals in this country, animal abuse and puppy mills, in the hope that it would help to raise awareness to another level", with a request to share it in its original form and entirety.  She says, "My goal is to get the letter into as many hands and homes as possible, especially those outside of our rescue group circles . . . I hope that you find it worthwhile and that you will forward it to as many people as you can think of, publish it on your websites and blogs, hand it out on your adoption days and during fundraisers, give it to friends, family, office associates and neighbors, post it on community bulletin boards, give it to your kids to hand out at school, and use just about any other ways you can think of to distribute the information."

    Her letter can be read below, and you may download a copy to print and share.  Let's help her to get the word out!


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