Snowball’s bio said, “Purchased from a breeder, after just 2 years with her ‘family’ she was tossed out when they bought a new puppy. Snowball is a small girl with a lot of pretty white fluffy fur! She has amazing blue eyes and best of all…is 100% lap cat! She loves attention so much that after petting her for a few minutes, she will start to drool! Snowball is in foster care but is very sad, as she needs a home of her own. If you want to give snowball a home, please contact is ASAP, as this beauty won’t last long.”

As predicted, Snowball was adopted quickly, her new mom having been chosen from six excellent applicants! Note from the new mom: “Just wanted to let you know Snowball is the greatest friend I ever had. She was a little nervous yesterday but she ate and finally used her new litter box. Today when I woke up she ran to the kitchen and meowed when I opened the can of cat food. She ate it all up and I am glad to see she has adapted so quickly to my home. She was sleeping with me before and then woke up and kissed me. I love her and thank you for letting me adopt her. I am calling the vet tomorrow to make an appointment for her check up. Once I go I promise to let you know how she is. I am sure she is fine. Thanks again for letting me have a forever friend. Cat Hugs, Michele”


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