Many thanks to Laura and Mia Gonzalez and their new family member, puppy Max, for sharing the following link with us! As preparation for their new addition to their household, Laura and Mia spent time doing a lot of research online about pet care, and came across our web site in the process, as well as a helpful article on Senior Pet Care from the AVMA web site.

Laura said, in her email to Paws and Claws, “It’ll be a long time before Max is considered a senior dog but we still thought it might be something you may want on your page . . . I know Mia would love to know if she was able to contribute to a website!”

The Senior Pet Care (FAQ) page on the AVMA web site answers questions such as:

  • “When does a pet become ‘old’?”
  • “What kinds of health problems can affect older pets?”
  • “I know my pet is getting older. How do I help them stay happy and healthy for as long as possible?”
  • “Is my pet becoming senile?”
  • “My pet seems to be in pain, and isn’t as active as they should be. What should I do?”
  •  .  . . And perhaps the most difficult question pet owners will have to face with Senior pets: “When should we euthanize a pet? How will we know it’s the right time?”.
    They also provide this helpful chart as a way to help with this difficult question:


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