The animals that arrive at PACS are a truly mixed group.  They come in all sizes, all ages, all coat types, and all types of condition.  There are cats with mats down to the skin, and dogs with toenails that have completely grown into the pads.  Some animals have fleas and ticks, while others have spots or mange.  Many of the animals need a quick bath, while others need a complete shave.  We have no control over the condition of the animals that we rescue, but we want to give them the best possible opportunity for adoption.  Improving their appearance can often save their lives.

Homeless animals are bathed, combed, clipped, ears are cleaned and nails are trimmed.  We don’t look for fancy results, but work hard to make the animals presentable.  We know that clean, unmatted animals will appeal to the public and it is the public that will open their hearts and homes to these wonderful pets.



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