PENNSVILLE POUND PURRFECT PETS was developed and implemented by PACS and successfully transitioned the Pound into a no-kill facility serving four townships in Salem County. Every animal picked up by Animal Control Officers in the four townships received loving care and medical treatment to make them whole again. Abandoned animals were spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, bathed, groomed and socialized while housed at the Pound. When ready, they were either adopted directly by the Animal Adoption Coordinator provided by Paws and Claws or were transported to one of PACS “Circle of Compassion for Animals” partners where they were housed in foster care and placed with their forever families.

In August 2007, Paws and Claws Society unofficially expanded its “Circle of Compassion” program to assist Pennsville Pound animals. Since then, PACS has worked diligently to meet the medical needs of Pennsville Pound animals, including medical care, spay/neuter, vaccinations, testings, internal and external parasite treatment.  PACS placed many of the Pennsville Pound animals into loving homes with great marketing and screening skills.  The remaining animals entered the “Circle” program and were adopted out by PACS “Circle of Compassion” partners.

On July 3, 2008. PACS officially kicked off the “Circle of Compassion for Animals” Program in Pennsville with the passage of  Pennsville Township Ordinance A-8-2008, which provided for the establishment of an Animal Advisory Committee to the Pennsville Pound and the creation of the TOWNSHIP OF PENNSVILLE SPAY/NEUTER AND ADOPTION PROGRAM.  The subsequent public/private agreement between Paws and Claws Society and the Township of Pennsville was the prerequisite for the official PENNSVILLE POUND PURRFECT PETS project; a “Circle of Compassion for Animals” program of Paws and Claws Society.  With the hiring of an Animal Adoption Coordinator on October 20, 2008, the project went into full swing.  Animals entering the Pennsville Pound are now medically treated, spay/neutered, pampered, and then adopted into homes as beloved, family members.

* On January 1, 2010, PACS turned over its successful no-kill Pennsville Pound Purrfect Pets program to Pennsville Township and PACS wishes them much success administering the PPPP program starting in 2010.



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