September 2016 Update

You have probably heard the saying “Time flies when you are having fun!” The “Border Project” volunteers have modified that saying to “Time flies when you are actually doing what you have only been able to dream about doing in past years.” We are well on our way to making the communities of Rome, PA and Nichols, NY safe havens for our feline friends!

SAFER “Cats on the Border” volunteers believe there is nothing more important than working with colony owners to get their cats spayed, neutered and healthy. To date, we have accomplished this for 250 cats and we are working diligently to make it 300 or more before winter stops our progress.
It is interesting how so many of the colonies we work with are actually becoming part of our ‘cat family’. The project is about spay and neuter, but it is about so much more. It is making sure the cats in the colonies have proper nutrition and cozy shelters for the winter. It is letting the colony caretakers know that they have a friend in us, and that we are available to help should they have questions or concerns about the cats in their care.

While the regular TNR work is being done, we are also looking to the future. Finding homes for the adoptables in our colonies is another critical priority. Unfortunately, the Border Project is located in very rural communities that virtually have no homes available for kittens and adoptable cats. In other words, there are many, many more cats than catsontheborderpeople. We, therefore, are forming adoption networks in other states with the help of Paws & Claws Society and their “Circle of Compassion” program. The Circle of Compassion program is giving us hope that we will now be able to place our furry friends in wonderful homes by networking with other rescue partners.

The SAFER “Cats on the Border Project” has come a long way since it began in the fall of 2015. We started it with a common goal and little specific experience. We all loved cats and had been doing rescue for decades but now, with funding and guidance from Paws & Claws Society, our love of cats and the desire to help has blossomed into a program that we only dared dream about over the years.

Look for more updates as we continue on our mission to make our communities safer for cats!

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