PACS expands its SAFER Program into PA & NY to provide much needed services to improve the lives of stray and feral cats.

November 24, 2015

A single phone call in late October opened the door to a partnership between the Paws and Claws Society SAFER Program and many community organizations and independent rescuers to help eliminate cat overpopulation issues in PA and the Southern Tier of NY. We are at the very beginning of a project that we anticipate will help thousands of feral cats. By reducing the number of kittens produced in these colonies, by improving the general health and well being of all the cats in the colonies, through a reduction of the stress of reproduction and by contributing to the dramatic reduction of the spread of disease as a result of the vaccination and testing that goes hand in hand with the spay and neuter, life for cats in feral colonies will be much improved. The SAFER Program for feral colonies will also help to cut caretaker management costs over time as the colony cats will no longer be producing litter after litter of kittens that have no future other than life in the colony.

While the partnership with Paws and Claws Society is barely three weeks old, we are thrilled to announce three independent TNR rescuers, along with Stray Haven Humane Society, Bradford County Humane Society, Maddie’s Meadows Cat Rescue and Willow’s Wings Rescue and Sanctuary, have joined in to accomplish our mission. And, of course none of this would be possible without the wonderful veterinarians who have stepped up to help. In particular, Dr. Robin, Dr. Charsa and a special thank you to the one and only

So often we hear “if it sounds too good to be true, it can’t be true”. We have discovered that ‘too good to be true’ can be true and we are grateful to the Paws and Claws Society for this opportunity to make a difference in our community. The project has already started to unite and expand a network of dedicated cat lovers whose mission is to create a region where cats no longer are abandoned by the side of the road.

We hope that our partnership with Paws and Claws Society will be as successful as Operation Cape May County, which was started in 2005 and was a major contributing factor in allowing the county to become no kill just five short years later.


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