Paws and Claws Society first offered KIND News in 1994 to every child enrolled in the third grade throughout Gloucester County.  Later in September, 2006, Paws and Claws Society introduced a formalized program of humane education to the children of Cape May County.  KIND News, an award-winning newspaper that teaches children respect for animals was made available monthly to 3096 children enrolled in the second, third and fourth grades throughout the county.  This teaching tool establishes a classroom theme of kindness, fosters compassion and responsibility, and motivates learning using the high-interest topic of animals.  Responsible pet care is one of the main themes of the publication which emphasizes the importance of spay/neuter. Each issue features a KIND Club Project designed to benefit animals.  The program also provides each classroom with a poster-sized calendar of humane announcements–a different one for each school day–for students to read.  Many years later, the Kind News offering, is still loved and used by thousands of students and teachers.



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"How Could You" is written through the eyes of the abandoned pet.

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