WAVERLY, NY — Paws and Claws Society, in partnership with Gemini Farm and local veterinarians, will sponsor their 25th Annual “Cat Spay Day” in Waverly, NY using funding from a private donor.

In recognition of the importance of spay/neuter, PACS Board of Directors have declared February 26, 2018 as Cat Spay Day in Waverly, NY.


Coupons redeemable for free cat spay/neuter surgery by participating veterinarians will be available to qualifying Waverly, NY residents while supplies last. This year, eligible residents are senior citizens, disabled persons, low income individuals, and multi-cat caretakers residing in Waverly, NY.

Cats must be at least four months old with proof of rabies vaccination or cat will be vaccinated at time of surgery. Coupon must be used by March 31, 2019. For more information, Call 570-395-3668.

From a letter from Paws and Claws Society to Stray Haven Humane Society and Clinic:

During our first “Cat Spay Day” in 1995, held in NJ, Paws and Claws Society (PACS) distributed 200 spay/neuter coupons to eligible residents in our designated target community. The event was a complete success thanks in large part to the help and cooperation of the County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the local veterinary community.

“Cat Spay Day” not only met its primary objective of addressing the cycle of cruelty caused by pet overpopulation, but the event also provided some very insightful information, which Paws and Claws Society continues to utilize to this day when developing new programs.

On February 26, 2019, Paws and Claws Society, in partnership with Gemini Farm in Rome, PA, plan to sponsor our 25th annual “Cat Spay Day” by offering coupons for free cat spay/neuter surgery to senior citizens, disabled persons, low-income individuals, and multi-cat caretakers residing in Waverly, NY. These targeted populations are notorious for having large numbers of unaltered cats that continually produce litter after litter of homeless cats destined to suffer and die.

Our 2019 “Cat Spay Day” is in keeping with the mission of our “SAFER Cats on the Border” program currently being offered in PA and NY. Both programs are designed to elevate the status of felines in the community through programs of spay/neuter, adoption, education and medical care. We hope our 2019 “Cat Spay Day” initiative will again be a cooperative effort between PACS, Gemini Farm, local animal advocates, government officials, and, of course, the most important group in this partnership; participating veterinarians.

See the Cat Spay Day 2019 flyer • See the press release • See the letter sent to editors • See the letter sent to Stray Haven Humane Society and Clinic



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