• PACS received another great link from an other Girl Scout troop. They found a wonderful guide for information and resources for renting with pets: Renter's Guide To Pet Owning. Thanks so much to Ms. Powell and her troopers for sharing this information that will be so very helpful to other pet caretakers! Here is the original email: Hello, My Girl Scouts and I wanted to express our gratitude by writing a little thank you note. I' [...]
  • PawDiet has created a great widget for staying informed about pet food recalls. This widget will automatically update whenever a new recall is issued!   Powered By PawDiet [...]
  • Do you remember when Burlington the Cat saved Binkie, the little dog who was left in a car, in the June 2011 issue of Burlington Reports? Did you know that on a beautiful, 70° day, the temperature in a closed car can climb to 104° in 30 minutes? The chart below serves as a reminder to pet owners: Hot Cars Kill! Never leave your pet in a hot car, even if the temperature outside feels cool! .   [...]
  • From the FDA's web site, here are 10 questions you should ask your veterinarian if medication is prescribed: 1. Why has my pet been prescribed this medication and how long do I need to give it? 2. How do I give the medication to my pet? Should it be given with food? 3. How often should the medication be given and how much should I give each time? If it is a liquid, should I shake it first? 4. How do I store the medication? 5. What should I [...]
  •         Thanks to Sara and Allison for this email sharing great information about dental care for dogs: I wanted to email you to say thanks for your page, http://pacsnj.org/13/caretakers-corner. My daughter, Sara, has been asking for a new dog for a few months so we made a deal that if she did some good research, we would adopt a dog. Your page has some great resources that she found very useful. So we jus [...]
  • Our thanks go out to a Seattle Girl Scout troop for suggesting this link on cleaning for pets and humans. This article contains lots of helpful information that will benefit not only pet owners but also our pets themselves! http://www.bbcleaningservice.com/office/cleaning-for-pets-and-humans.html   Here is the original email: Good morning! We wanted to say thank you for your page, http://pacsnj.org/caretakers-corner.htm , al [...]
  • We would like to thank our young friend, Kaylie, for sharing this information with Paws and Claws Society. It will help keep our furry friends safe as they and their families take to the roads. http://www.thetruckersreport.com/traveling-by-car-or-truck-with-pets/ Here is the original email: I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your webpage (http://www.pacsnj.org/newsletter-links.htm). My name is Beth, and I voluntee [...]


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